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If you have been in a car accident, you may have been injured and even have missed out on work. It is amazing how one simple event can cause such a significant impact. If you have been injured in an accident, you need a lawyer who can help you make a case for compensation. You should hire a car accident lawyer Los Angeles based who is aggressive about pursuing your best interest. You need strong representation that can help you to prove that the other party was negligent and, as a result, caused the accident.
The law offices of Javaheri and Yahoudai may be able to help you put your life back together after a devastating car accident. Whether you are dealing with loss of a limb, broken bones, burns, lacerations or injuries to the back, head, neck or spinal cord, you may be entitled to compensation.

The lawyers at can also talk to you if you have been involved in a hit and run accident, whether you are operating a car, motorcycle, bicycle or truck. This applies if you were a pedestrian involved in an accident as well. A lawyer may also help you receive compensation in the event of an uninsured or underinsured motorist, drunk driver or bus accident.

Javaheri and Yahoudai may be able to help protect your rights and help you receive compensation you deserve. Hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure you are able to receive your maximum settlement, whether it includes medical expenses, pain and suffering and emotional distress. You may be able to receive funds for losing income and for property damage. If a family member died as a result of the accident, you may receive money for a wrongful death suit.

In your search for a car accident attorney in Los Angeles, be aware of the importance of efficiency and experience in all areas of injury law. It does not matter if you have been in a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, airplane or boat accident. Your lawyer should understand the stress and emotional impact that the incident has had on your life and seek compensation.


Who Do You Call for Personal Injury Claims and Compensation?

Have you ever been the unfortunate victim of a motorcycle accident? Are you still dealing with the painful effects that were initiated by a car accident? Oftentimes, personal injury victims have more rights and are eligible for more reimbursement than they realize. We make it our job to walk clients through the personal injury claims process and make sure our clients receive the support that they need to fully recover from an even in which personal injury was incurred.

About Javaheri&Yahoudai
As respected personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles, Javaheri and Yahoudai have created a successful personal injury firm that uses aggressive, successful techniques and routinely and thoroughly examines client cases. No case is too small, and we assist clients throughout the entire duration of their case. Overall, we strive to give a voice to those who have been severly injured, physically, mentally, and financially.

What Cases Do We Accept?
From dog bites to traffic accidents, we cover a wide array of cases involving personal injury and negligence. Many clients that seek out our personal injury attorneys services in Los Angeles are victims of traffic accidents, such as car, wheel truck, plane, limousine, bus, and plane accidents. When individuals rely on mechanical means to travel, even small issues can result in major injuries if something goes wrong. Clients also seek out services for injuries involving negligence, such as drunk driving, hit and run, uninsured motorist, and underinsured motorist . In each of these cases, individuals may be forced to fund the physical and mental treatment on their own without help from our dedicated, knowledgeable attorneys.

Types of Injury
Along with various types of accidents, individuals can also suffer from various injuries as a result of these accidents. From broken bones to quadriplegia, we fight for those who can’t do so for themselves. Medical care and ongoing treatment can become costly; therefore, we fight to give our clients the compensation they need. If you or a loved one is/was a victim of a personal injury case, we encourage you to contact us via our website ( or by phone (310.407.0766). Clients can also request a free consultation online to discuss concerns and services we offer that may be of use to you.

Learn How PI Attorneys Javaheri&Yahoudi Can Help You Protect Your Family and Achieve Sufficient Personal Injury Compensation

Whether or now we like to think about them, car accidents, work-related injuries, and sexual assault situations occur on a daily basis. While these events may occure in just moments, the physical and mental effects of these situations can be long lasting and severe. Regardless of how mild or severe the effects of any personal injury are in nature, individuals who suffer or undergo daily challenges as a result of these injuries are often entitled to compensation.

Injury-Based Cases

Though injuries happen at work or at home on a daily basis, the severity of such injuries is key. Certain types of injuries, such as those involving amputation, para-quadriplegia, brain, and spinal cord injuries almost always allow the victim to receive compensation for certain aspects of treatment, as well as medical testing, surgeries, and prescription compensation. In other cases, such as those involving burns and broken bones, it can be more difficult to determine. If any of these or any other injury causing misfortune has happened to you in Los Angeles, seeking help from a local PI Attorney can be instrumental in protecting the rights of clients and achieving the compensation that is rightfully due to injured individuals.

Personal Injury Situations

Injuries can occur at any time. These types of injuries can cause hardships for families. Financial strain can arise due to medical bills, personal property replacement costs, and ongoing treatment. Car, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents happen on a daily basis, due to inattentive operators, device malfunction, and hazardous driving conditions or weather. Yet, these cases can be made more difficult when they include drunk drivers, pedestrian injuries, and un-insured or underinsured motorists. As a result, these additional accident factors can affect compensation for personal injury. An experienced PI Attorney in Los Angeles can help explain client rights, aide in court system navigation, and build a case against alleged offenders.

How a PI Attorney Can Help in Personal Injury Cases

Oftentimes, trauma or a general lack of knowledge can inhibit clients from seeking out the compensation that they deserve in lieu of their personal injuries. In order to make sure your rights are preserved and you receive the compensation you deserve, it may be beneficial to invest in services provided by a PI Attorney like those available through by asking for a free consultation, our attorneys will take the initiative to review clientele cases and explain the potential for injury compensation. Don’t be a victim of personal injury debt any longer. Contact Javaheri & Yahoudi Personal Injury Lawyers, today at 877.735.7035 for a complimentary consultation.
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New Cyclists Bill –How will it Affect you?

An important piece of legislation affecting California cyclists has been passed by lawmakers. The measure would make the roads safer for cyclists by creating a three-foot passing rule. Many are skeptical of the law’s ability to protect cyclists and prevent personal injury cases say Javaheri&Yahoudai attorneys in Los Angeles.

The legislation requires motorists to give cyclists a minimum spacing of three feet while driving. When cyclists are present, drivers are to maintain a distance of three feet when passing and following cyclists on the road.

Senate Bill 1464 was sponsored by the City of Los Angeles and the California Bicycle Coalition. Sen. Alan Lowenthal played a major role in drafting the piece of legislation. The bill amends an existing bill, clearly defining what a safe distance for clearance should be for motorists.

Previous laws only required that drivers maintain a safe distance when driving wherever cyclists are present. By not defining what is considered to be a “safe distance,” drivers are unaware of how much distance should be kept when passing cyclists.

According to research, cyclists are more likely to be hit from behind as motorists attempt to pass. In fact, most cyclist fatalities and accidents are related to passing. A provision in the bill also requires motorists to slow to 15 MPH in order to pass the cyclists in the event that they are unable to maintain the required three feet of clearance.

Some argue that more should be done in the way of improving local infrastructure to keep cyclists safe. Road improvements like biking lanes or expanding existing ones are being suggested by supporters of the measure. Others believe that the measure alone is enough to make cyclists safer on the road.

Environmentalists and cyclists have shown tremendous support to the legislation. By improving cyclist safety, more individuals will feel safe biking to work and will have more commuting alternatives available to them.

Last October, a similar bill was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The governor argued that densely-populated areas would make it difficult for motorists to maintain such a distance. The new version of the bill is meant to address concerns expressed with the previous SB 910 bill.

Driver Safety and C2X Project

Social networking may be frowned upon and discouraged when it comes to road safety. With introduction of this innovative platform for vehicles, social networking may actually play a key role in keeping drivers safe while driving. The car-to-X (C2X) communication system has been recently tested in a major field trial with over 100 cars.

The Project simTD trial was sponsored by several public entities. Suppliers, communications firms, researchers and automakers all participated in the project. The trial was conducted under the leadership of Daimler AG.

In the trial consisting of 120 vehicles, the car technology was tested to see how effective communication between multiple vehicles could be leveraged to support driver safety. Each vehicle included in the trial is linked the other vehicles and the traffic infrastructure. The platform tracks all driving activity among the vehicles. The system tracks the road activity and shares information with the driver about traffic conditions and incidents, equipping the driver to make informed decisions.

All of the tracking and sharing on the car social networking platform helped drivers avoid and plan ahead for road conditions. The platform successfully prevented pileups among drivers, monitored braking activity and offered alternative routing among drivers included in the trial. Drivers were able to take advantage of suggested routes supplied by the c2x communication technology. The success of the trial may lead to automakers incorporating the technology into the design of vehicles within a few years.

Javaheri & Yahoudai , Personal Injury Attorney LA firm applauds the research and recognizes how important the technology would be in improving driver safety. In 2005, there were a total of 277 fatalities and nearly 430,000 car crash injuries. Congestion along major highways likely contributed to these alarming statistics. Driver inattention, drunk driving and speeding also play a major role in these statistics.

According to Javaheri &Yahoudai ,Personal Injury Attorney LA firm, most of the driving accidents are tied to individual driver behavior. “While the technology can lower the numbers of injury crashes in Los Angeles, California, we can see how this would benefit the thousands of drivers on major roadways in Los Angeles,” Attorney (Mitchell) says. “We can only hope that drivers adopt safer driving habits until the technology becomes available.”
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New Speed Technology Prevents Car and Truck Accidents

According to a new study released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, electronic devices installed in trucks to prevent speeding behavior have been show to improve road safety.

Data collected between 2007 and 2009 showed that the crash rate among a sample of truck drivers decreased with the speed prevention technology installed in vehicles. The rate for drivers without the speed control devices was at 16.4 trucks per 100 compared to 11 per 100 for those with the speed technology installed. With the release of the truck driver study, carriers are likely to begin requiring that this technology be present in all vehicles operated by truck drivers.

Described as having provided a “profound safety benefit” to the general public, the large scale introduction and subsequent implementation of the speed limit technology could be helpful in preventing thousands of crashes each year, says the

Each year, 15.5 million trucks are operated on U.S. roads. An estimated $4,900 per second is spent on car-related crash incidents. With over 2 million tractor-trailers operating on the roads, speed and safety is a major public safety concern. In the past two decades, the increase in the number of car accidents has increased by 20 percent, research says. This means that individuals are more at risk of becoming involved in a truck driver accident than ever before, a recipe for an increase in personal injury lawsuits.
Speed limit technology coupled with driver safety training could improve road safety, researchers say.

If an individual is involved in a truck driver accident, it is recommended that the person seek immediate legal representation to make sure that any legal matters that may arise from involvement are handled in a professional manner. Because the number of parties involved can include the truck driver, the owner of the vehicle, the transportation company and the manufacturer of the car parts, the average personal injury victim would have to invest a lot of time into working with the insurance company to make sure that medical expenses are handled. This is why a Javaher & Yahoudai Personal Injury Law Firm should be involved in the case before the initial claim is filed.

Vehicle Technology Worth Taking a Closer Look

According to Mark Edwards, Director of Traffic Safety at the American Automobile Association, approximately 25 to 50 percent of all car crashes in the U.S. are caused by distracted drivers. To reduce the likelihood, Javaher & Yahoudai Personal Injury Law Firm and other major cities welcome the addition of driver safety technology with the potential of reducing the number of annual car crashes.

Vehicle to Vehicle Technology on the Way

The National Highway Traffic Safety agency is considering policy that would require automakers to manufacture vehicles with new communication technology. If implemented, the policy could save thousands of lives by some estimates. The new mandates could be implemented as soon as 2013. If the agency decides to officially move forward with the policy, it could take a few years before the legislation is actually passed.

What does the car communication technology do?

The technology is described as a “baseline communication” system that helps vehicles communicate driving activity of others in close proximity. For example, if a nearby vehicle runs the risk of running a red light, the driver affected would be alerted to this behavior. The technology would then in turn instruct the driver to slow or adjust driving habits to avoid an accident.

What are the benefits of the technology?

In addition to being able to save taxpayers billions annually on auto accident-related expenses and fees, the technology could save thousands of lives each year. Rear-end collisions, intersection crashes, and collisions involving lane switches could be almost eliminated altogether, preliminary research suggests. Eighty percent of accidents could be prevented with this technology in place, experts say.

Under review

The agency is currently evaluating the technology to review its potential. Currently, 2,800 vehicles have been included in the pilot program to be completed in Michigan. All of the vehicles are equipped with the vehicle-to-vehicle technology. The evaluation period will continue for a year, ending in 2013. The program will reportedly test vehicle-to-infrastructure technology.

Approximately 25 percent of the cars manufactured and in use will have the technology in a few years. In a recent study conducted by J.D. Power & Associates, 37 percent of drivers surveyed indicated an interest in purchasing a self-driving vehicle technology.