New Speed Technology Prevents Car and Truck Accidents

According to a new study released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, electronic devices installed in trucks to prevent speeding behavior have been show to improve road safety.

Data collected between 2007 and 2009 showed that the crash rate among a sample of truck drivers decreased with the speed prevention technology installed in vehicles. The rate for drivers without the speed control devices was at 16.4 trucks per 100 compared to 11 per 100 for those with the speed technology installed. With the release of the truck driver study, carriers are likely to begin requiring that this technology be present in all vehicles operated by truck drivers.

Described as having provided a “profound safety benefit” to the general public, the large scale introduction and subsequent implementation of the speed limit technology could be helpful in preventing thousands of crashes each year, says the

Each year, 15.5 million trucks are operated on U.S. roads. An estimated $4,900 per second is spent on car-related crash incidents. With over 2 million tractor-trailers operating on the roads, speed and safety is a major public safety concern. In the past two decades, the increase in the number of car accidents has increased by 20 percent, research says. This means that individuals are more at risk of becoming involved in a truck driver accident than ever before, a recipe for an increase in personal injury lawsuits.
Speed limit technology coupled with driver safety training could improve road safety, researchers say.

If an individual is involved in a truck driver accident, it is recommended that the person seek immediate legal representation to make sure that any legal matters that may arise from involvement are handled in a professional manner. Because the number of parties involved can include the truck driver, the owner of the vehicle, the transportation company and the manufacturer of the car parts, the average personal injury victim would have to invest a lot of time into working with the insurance company to make sure that medical expenses are handled. This is why a Javaher & Yahoudai Personal Injury Law Firm should be involved in the case before the initial claim is filed.


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