Driver Safety and C2X Project

Social networking may be frowned upon and discouraged when it comes to road safety. With introduction of this innovative platform for vehicles, social networking may actually play a key role in keeping drivers safe while driving. The car-to-X (C2X) communication system has been recently tested in a major field trial with over 100 cars.

The Project simTD trial was sponsored by several public entities. Suppliers, communications firms, researchers and automakers all participated in the project. The trial was conducted under the leadership of Daimler AG.

In the trial consisting of 120 vehicles, the car technology was tested to see how effective communication between multiple vehicles could be leveraged to support driver safety. Each vehicle included in the trial is linked the other vehicles and the traffic infrastructure. The platform tracks all driving activity among the vehicles. The system tracks the road activity and shares information with the driver about traffic conditions and incidents, equipping the driver to make informed decisions.

All of the tracking and sharing on the car social networking platform helped drivers avoid and plan ahead for road conditions. The platform successfully prevented pileups among drivers, monitored braking activity and offered alternative routing among drivers included in the trial. Drivers were able to take advantage of suggested routes supplied by the c2x communication technology. The success of the trial may lead to automakers incorporating the technology into the design of vehicles within a few years.

Javaheri & Yahoudai , Personal Injury Attorney LA firm applauds the research and recognizes how important the technology would be in improving driver safety. In 2005, there were a total of 277 fatalities and nearly 430,000 car crash injuries. Congestion along major highways likely contributed to these alarming statistics. Driver inattention, drunk driving and speeding also play a major role in these statistics.

According to Javaheri &Yahoudai ,Personal Injury Attorney LA firm, most of the driving accidents are tied to individual driver behavior. “While the technology can lower the numbers of injury crashes in Los Angeles, California, we can see how this would benefit the thousands of drivers on major roadways in Los Angeles,” Attorney (Mitchell) says. “We can only hope that drivers adopt safer driving habits until the technology becomes available.”
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